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==== Newspapers  ====
==== Newspapers  ====
**''Several newspapers'', covering 1910-1914, 1920-1924 are included.
*[http://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/search/titles/results/?state=Utah&county=Morgan&city=&year1=1690&year2=2012&terms=&frequency=&language=&ethnicity=&labor=&material_type=&lccn=&rows=20 Existing copies of newspapers]{{UTNewspaperChroniclingAmerica}}
**[[Morgan County, Utah {{UTNewspaperCountybyTowns}}
*{{FHL|Utah, Morgan - Newspapers|subject|disp=Newspapers Records}}{{FHLTopicLinks}}[[Morgan County, Utah#Libraries|public libraries]].
*{{FHL|Utah, Morgan - Newspapers|subject|disp=Newspapers Records}}{{FHLTopicLinks}}[[Morgan County, Utah#Libraries|public libraries]].
*One major resouce for newspapers throughout Utah is the University of Utah's [http://dream.lib.utah.edu/digital/unews/ Utah Digital Newspapers] project "with more than 600,000 pages of digitized Utah historical newspapers." One newspaper from Morgan County is included in this digital project, the ''Morgan County News''. [[Utah Newspapers|Read more...]] about using Utah newspapers for your family history research.
==== Obituaries  ====
==== Obituaries  ====

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Dates for major county records[1]
1898-present 1869-present 1898-present 1870, 1880... 1869-present 1869-present
For earlier dates, try...

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Morgan County, Utah
Map of Utah highlighting Morgan County
Location in the state of Utah
Map of the U.S. highlighting Utah
Location of Utah in the U.S.
Founded January 17, 1862
County Seat Morgan
Address 48 W. Young St.
Morgan, UT 84050
Website: www.morgan-county.net
Named for: Elder Jedediah Morgan Grant
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Bible Records


Business Records and Commerce


  • Cemeteries(microfilmed originals or published transcripts) are listed in the FamilySearch Library Catalog for Morgan County, Utah Genealogy. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see public libraries.

Morgan County Cemeteries at the Utah State Historical site 



The 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, and 1930 U.S. federal population schedules of Morgan County are available online. For tips on accessing census records online, see Utah Census. If you're having trouble finding your ancestors in national indexes, try checking local indexes. Created by experts familiar with the area's families, these indexes are often transcribed more accurately than nationwide indexes.

See Utah Population Schedule Indexes: Fiche, Film, or Book for more information about statewide printed indexes.

  • 1870
  • 1880
  • 1890
  • 1900
  • 1910
  • 1920
  • 1930

Church History

Church Records

LDS Ward and Branch Records

  • Croyden
  • Milton
  • Morgan
  • Morgan N.
  • Slide
  • Stoddard
  • Mountain Green
  • Peterson
  • Porterville E.
  • Porterville W.
  • Richville

Early church records, for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for Morgan County Wards and Branches can be found on film and are located at the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. The film numbers, for each ward, can be locate through the Family History Library Catalog at https://www.familysearch.org/. Or by refering to Jaussi, Laureen R., and Gloria D. Chaston. Register of Genealogical Society Call Numbers. 2 vols. Provo, Utah: Genealogy Tree, 1982. (FHL book 979.2258 A3j; fiche 6031507). These volumes contain the film numbers for many (but not all) membership and temple record films.

Court Records


  • Directories(microfilmed originals or published transcripts) are listed in the FamilySearch Library Catalog for Morgan County, Utah Genealogy. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see public libraries.

Ethnic ad Othr Groups



A FamilySearch Community Tree is available for this place.



  • Histories(microfilmed originals or published transcripts) are listed in the FamilySearch Library Catalog for Morgan County, Utah Genealogy. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see public libraries.

A History of Morgan County online at Marriott Library Digital Archives.

An early route of the Hastings Cutoff ran through the Morgan Valley and down through a narrow gorge in Weber Canyon. The Donner Party avoided going through the Morgan Valley in order to speed up their journey. However, their alternate route proved more time-consuming.

History Timeline

NOTE: Unless otherwise mentioned, the events below were gleaned from Wikipedia for Morgan County.

  • 1819. Adams-Onis Treaty recognized Spain rights to the territory, under the control of Mexico.
  • 1825. Present day Mountain Green is the location of a historic meeting of the mountain man, the Hudson's Bay Company (Peter Skene Ogden) and the Mountain Fur Company ( John Henry Weber).
  • 1850's. Mormon pioneers begin to arrive in Morgan County.
  • 1855, Charles Shreeve Peterson and his family became the first white settlers to take up permanent  residence in the Morgan Valley after cutting a road through Weber Canyon.
  • 1862. January 17: Morgan County formed from the following counties: Summit/Weber/Cache and named after Jedediah Morgan Grant.
  • 1869. Morgan County began keeping marriage records, land records, probate records, and court records.
  • 1898–1905 Morgan County began keeping birth records and death records.
  •  1906. Wasatch National Forest established by U.S. Forest Service.
  • 1908. Cache National Forest established by U.S. Forest Service.
  • 1960. Browning Arms Company founded in Morgan County.

Land and Property



Early migration routes to and from Morgan County, Utah Genealogy for European and African American settlers included:


Naturalization and Citizenship


Small town newspapers contain obituaries, birth or death notices, community news (such as the visit of someone's relatives), legal notices and provide historical content. See Utah newspapers for tips, resources, and details.



Poorhouses, Poor Law, etc.

In Utah, such records may be difficult to find. Try records of the church they may have attended. Realize, however, that such records may have not been preserved, and would not be in the typical records of membership.

It is possible there were records kept by civilian authorities. Ask town or county officials and local librarians and the State Archives. Also try National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (online).

Probate Records

Public Records 

Resource Repositories


Morgan County Justice Court
P.O. Box 786
Morgan, UT 84050
Phone 801-845-4021
Fax 801-845-6008

Physical Address:
Morgan County Memorial Building
48 West Young St.
Morgan, Utah 84050

County seat: Morgan

Family History Centers


Vital Records


USGenWeb Archives Morgan County, Utah shows the Birth Information from Draft Cards of 1917 - 1918


Utah Death Certificates 1904 - 1956 -A free internet access to the 1904-1956 death certificates can be viewed at Family Search .  Utah requires a death certificate before a burial is completed.  A death certificate may contain information as to the name of the deceased, date of death, and place of death, as well as the age, birthdate, parents, gender, marital status, spouse and place of residence. More information at Utah Death Certificates (FamilySearch Historical Records)

Utah State Burial Index for death before 1904

Death Record Substitutes

  • 1870 - U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885 at Ancestry ($). Includes 1870 Morgan County, Utah Genealogy mortality schedule.

Voting Registers

Towns and Communities

Croydon | Morgan | Mountain Green | Peterson | Richville | Stoddard | Monte Verde


  1. Alice Eichholz, Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources, 3rd ed. (Salt Lake City: Ancestry Pub., 2004), 676-677. At various libraries (WorldCat); FHL Book 973 D27rb 2004.
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