Natchez Indians

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Linquistice group: Muskogean or Algonquian

Original homeland: Sowutywestern Mississippi along the Mississippi River


Early encounter with explorers 1543 Hernando de Soto, and in 1682 visit from Sieur de La Salle brought missionaries and fur traders.

On Line history

Brief Time Line

  • 1713: the French establishe a trading post
  • Fort Rosalie established later becoming the center of the Nachez Revolt
  • 1718: European colonistst negotiated for land - for large plantations
  • 1729- 1731 Nachez Revolt; The French forced aboaut 400 Natchez to surrender; killing some and sending others to Santo Domingo as slaves. Other tribal survivors joined the Chickasaw, Creek, Catawba, and Cherokee
  • 1730: French and Chactaw joined forces aginst the Natchez
  • 1832: removed with their host tribes to Indian Territory
  • Assimilated into their host Tribes and lost their identity.