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|name=National Institute for Genealogical Studies
|image=National Institute for Genealogical Studies.gif
|free_label=Managing Director
|free=Louise St Denis
|website= www.genealogicalstudies.com
}} '''The National Institute for Genealogical Studies''' was established to assist all genealogists---from family historians to practising professionals---by providing studies in a variety of genealogical topics. Education provides an important role in raising levels of personal and visible growth and in the certification or accreditation of genealogists.
With this in mind, a group of professional genealogists came together to create courses and programs conforming to recognized genealogical standards, with several objectives:
#To assist the family historian research and record information regarding their ancestors in a responsible and professional manner.
#To help the serious amateur genealogist gain the skills required to apply for certification or accreditation.
#To help the professional genealogist develop a part-time or full-time career in our chosen field.

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