National Railways Map Room

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The National Railways Map Room is located in the administration building of the former SA Railways Islington Workshops at 320 Churchill Road Kilburn SA

The collection is maintained by by a private company, Inprotrans, for the Commonwealth Department of Transport and Regional Services [DOTARS] and contains over 180,000 maps and plans and photographs for the former Commonwealth and South Australian Railways and covers 140 years of operation. Approximately 60,000 records have now been digitised.

This is an invaluable collection for family historians with railway connections. Such items as plans of railway residences your ancestor may have occupied along with the railway stations and rolling stock are readily available.

Inprotrans can provide copies of drawings in either print form or as a scan. The cost of providing a drawing is based on a rate of AUD8.80 per square metre of print. This works out to about AUD4.80 for an A1 sized document.

Unfortunately, one is unable to access the site, as a password is required, however, the company that has the maps, can be contacted at the above mentioned address.