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All about research in the state of Nebraska.
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In the 1850's a major port of entry to Nebraska was New Orleans.  Steamboats transported settlers and goods up the Mississippi-Missouri river system to Council Bluffs and Winter Quarters (Florence). [[Nebraska Emigration and Immigration|Read more...]]
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* '''[[Nebraska Native Races]]'''<br>
=== Did You Know? ===
* [http://www.obitsofnebraska.com/ O’Bits of Nebraska] is an ongoing collection of obituaries, notices of death, and news of tragic deaths printed before 1930. The focus is on newspapers in smaller towns. New items are added each week.
* On May 6, 1877, famed Chief Crazy Horse surrendered with 1,000 of his followers near Camp Robinson. On September 7, 1877, he was bayoneted in the back because he was said to have resisted his captors. [http://www.indians.org/welker/crazyhor.htm '''Read more...''']
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* In the near future forums specific to LOCALITY genealogy will be available. <br>
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