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WieWasWie is the premier site for Dutch records. The information from this site is taken directly from the Netherlands Civil Register. Some church records are also included. This site contains records with over 85 million names. The index is not complete; records are continuously being added. Most notably missing are records from Amsterdam,The Hague and Rotterdam

Coverage for Large Cities

City Birth Marriages Death
Rotterdam 1811-1910
The Hague
Utrecht 1811-1902 1811-1932 1811-1960
Eindhoven 1811-1902 1811-1932 1811-1955
Tilburg 1811-1932
Groningen 1811-1912 1811-1937 1811-1962
Nijmegen 1811-1902 1811-1912 1811-1952

There are also records included from some of the Dutch colonies.

Another incredible site is: http://geneaknowhow.net/digi/bronnen.html

Records for Amsterdam baptisms before 1811 can be found at: https://stadsarchief.amsterdam.nl/archieven/archiefbank/indexen/doopregisters/zoek/index.nl.html

Some records for The Hague can be found at: http://www.denhaag.nl/smartsite.html?id=37609

The web-site for Rotterdam is: http://www.gemeentearchief.rotterdam.nl

Leiden's web-site is found here: http://www.leidenarchief.nl/index.php?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=8

And Delft: http://www.archief.delft.nl/



This WieWasWie site includes:

  • Births (1811 to 1910)
  • Marriages (1811 to 1937)
  • Deaths (1811 to 1960)
  • Death duties - statements of succession

A record of birth provides you with the following information:

  • Name, occupation, age and address of the declarant(s)
  • Name,occupation and age of the father
  • Name and sometimes the occupation of the mother
  • Date and time of the birth and sometimes the address where the birth took place
  • Gender and Names of the Baby
  • Sometimes the Residences of the Parents

A record of marriage provides you with the following information:

  • The names and ages of the bride and groom
  • In most cases, the names of the bride's and the groom's parents
  • In most cases, the places of birth of the bride and groom
  • Whether the bride is a widow or the groom a widower
  • In most cases the profession of groom and/or bride

A record of death provides you with the following information:

  • The name of the deceased
  • The exact date of death
  • In most cases, the name of the deceased's parents
  • In most cases, the age of the deceased
  • In some cases, the deceased's place of birth
  • In some cases, the name of the deceased's spouse
  • In most cases, the address of the deceased

Using the Site

The site is currently avaliable in Dutch only. An English version is planned for release in the near future


WieWasWie is free for to search. Images and Scans require payment, but these can usually be acessed for free from FamilySearch.