New Mexico Naturalization and Citizenship

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The Spanish Archives and the Mexican Archives contain naturalization records for the years that Spain and Mexico governed the area. These are described in New Mexico Genealogy. The Mexican Archives also has some naturalization papers from the 1870s to 1912.

For records after 1850 also contact the county clerk or the clerk of the nearest district court of New Mexico. The Family History Library does not have copies of these records. Declarations and petitions filed between 1882 and 1917 in the seven U.S. judicial district courts for the Territory of New Mexico are at the National Archives—Rocky Mountain Region (Denver).

Post-1906 Records

In 1906 the Immigration and Naturalization Service (now United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) was created, forms were standardized and duplicate copies of naturalization records were created by the courts and sent to the INS. For access to these records, download a FOIA (Freedom of Information Form Act) form from, fill it out and send it to the address listed on the form. 



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