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[[Category:Former_Countries|Former_Countries]] [[Category:Spain]] [[Category:United_States]] [[Category:Mexico]] [[Category:Cuba]] [[Category:Dominican_Republic]] [[Category:Puerto_Rico]] [[Category:Guatemala]] [[Category:Honduras]] [[Category:Costa_Rica]] [[Category:El_Salvador]] [[Category:Nicaragua]] [[Category:Philippines]] [[Category:Guam]] [[Category:Northern_Mariana_Islands]] [[Category:Micronesia,_Federated_States_of]]
[[Category:Former_Countries|Former_Countries]] [[Category:Spain]] [[Category:United_States]] [[Category:Mexico]] [[Category:Cuba]] [[Category:Dominican_Republic]] [[Category:Puerto_Rico]] [[Category:Guatemala]] [[Category:Honduras]] [[Category:Costa_Rica]] [[Category:El_Salvador]] [[Category:Nicaragua]] [[Category:Philippines]] [[Category:Guam]] [[Category:Northern_Mariana_Islands]] [[Category:Micronesia,_Federated_States_of]] [[Category:Canada]] [[Category:British Columbia]]

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Territories of the Viceroyalty of New Spain.png
The Viceroyalty of New Spain (Spanish: Virreinato de Nueva España), was the political unit of Spanish territories in North America and Asia-Pacific. The territory included the present-day Southwestern United States, Mexico, Central America (except Panama), the Caribbean, the Philippines, Guam and the Mariana Islands, and most of Micronesia. It was ruled by a viceroy from Mexico City who governed on behalf of the King of Spain. The Viceroyalty of New Spain lasted from 1535 to 1821.[1]


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