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Known Issues

Question #1: In some cases, the groom’s mother’s given name is listed on the indexed record, but the bride’s mother’s given name is not. Where can her name be found?
Answer #1: The bride’s mother’s given name should be found on the image linked to the record, if the original record contains the bride’s mother’s given name.

Question #2: When I search for my ancestors from the home page, I have found both New York and Tennessee marriage records in the search results. Which one is correct?
Answer #2: If the Tennessee marriage information is attached to Batch I00304-8 (Source Film 831339), then the marriage took place in Monroe County, New York. Batch I00304-8 was inadvertently associated with the Tennessee, Marriages, 1796-1950 collection. The Catalog Film Notes for Film 831339 state: Marriage record, v. 1, 1908-1910; Monroe County (New York), County Clerk. You can view these Monroe County records by browsing Digital Folder Number 004477954.

Question #3: When I try to view an image from the record details page, it appears to be linked to the wrong image. The correct image is missing. How can I view the image?
Answer #3: There were several images that were not captured in the digital filming of film #590799, and are therefore not available online. If the record details page lists that film, it can be ordered (See Ordering Microfilm and Microfiche) into a FamilySearch Center near you and viewed there.

Question #4: You have two marriage records for my ancestor in Essex, New York with different spouses and on the same day. Can you tell me how that can be?
Answer #4: The Digital Film 4489181 has Essex County marriages. Images 141-203 are an index of the marriage records. Grooms and brides are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the surname (and are not connected to each other) – on the two facing pages. There are some instances on this film where the indexer mistakenly read these indexes as marriages rather than an index and incorrectly created marriage records for the Groom and Bride on the same line. You will need to look at the actual images attached to the indexed record to determine which result is the correct marriage. The marriage record can also be found by looking at the record number on the index and searching for that number in the marriage records that follow the index.

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