North Carolina Newspaper Extracts Bibliography

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Many researchers have published books & articles that include abstracts from various North Carolina newspapers.  This page serves as a guide for locating books that may include details on your ancestors. Books are roughly arranged by county though some overlap may occur.  

Also keep in mind that a newspaper often included news from more than just the parent county, but also extending into neighboring counties.  As you review this list, it may be helpful to check Google Maps for a better understanding of geographic coverage. 

Bibliography List

Edgecombe County

New Hanover County

  • Marriage and death notices in newspapers published in Wilmington, North Carolina, 1797-1842 - published in 1993 by the Old New Hanover Genealogical Society [Family History Library|

Wake County

  • Abstracts of vital records from Raleigh, North Carolina - published in 1979 by Lois Smathers Neal. 3-volume set that spans 1799-1839. [Family History Library |]