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Getting started with Northern Territory research

<img src="/en/images/thumb/e/e3/Northern_Territory_1.jpg/300px-Northern_Territory_1.jpg" _fck_mw_filename="Northern Territory 1.jpg" _fck_mw_location="right" _fck_mw_width="300" _fck_mw_height="200" _fck_mw_type="thumb" alt="" class="fck_mw_frame fck_mw_right" />Numerous articles are available on FamilySearch Wiki to help you get started in family history. This portal will provide links to articles about general research topics.

[[Principles of Family History Research|'<a href="Principles of Family History Research">]]'Principles of Family History Research</a>

  1. <a href="Identify What You Know">Identify What You Know</a>
  2. <a href="Decide What You Want to Learn">Decide What You Want to Learn</a>
  3. <a href="Select Records to Search">Select Records to Search</a>
  4. <a href="Obtain and Search the Records">Obtain and Search the Records</a>
  5. <a href="Use the Information">Use the Information</a>


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Help Wanted

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  • National Family History Week July 31st to August 8th 2010

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  • <a href="Australia, New South Wales Index to Bounty Immigrants">Bounty Immigrants 1828-1842 Index at Record Search soon</a>


  • <a href="Northern Territory Archives and Libraries">Archives and Libraries</a>
  • <a href="Australia Census">Census</a>
  • <a href="Northern Territory Cemeteries">Cemeteries</a>
  • <a href="Northern Territory Land and Property">Land and Property</a>
  • <a href="Northern Territory Newspapers">Newspapers</a>
  • Northern Territory makes its indexes to births, deaths and marriages available online.

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