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[http://www.dokpro.uio.no/rygh_ng/rygh_form.html Norwegian Farm Names], Volumes: 1 through 17, &nbsp;O. Rygh, &nbsp;1886 (updated 1999). Searchable online.<br>
[http://www.dokpro.uio.no/rygh_ng/rygh_form.html Norwegian Farm Names], Volumes: 1 through 17, &nbsp;O. Rygh,&nbsp;1886 (updated 1999). Searchable online.<br>
= Norway History  =
= Norway History  =

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Norway Family History Research

How To Trace Your Ancestors In Norway,  By:Yngve Nedrebø, 9th Edition, 2001.

A History of Norwegian Immigration to the United States from the Earliest Beginning Down to the Year 1848, By George Tobias Flom, Published by Priv. Print., 1909.

The First Chapter of Norwegian Immigration (1821-1840): With an Introduction on the Services Rendered by the Scandinavians to the World and to America, By Rasmus Björn Anderson, Anderson, Rasmus B. (Rasmus Bjorn), 1846-1936, Published by The Author, 1896.

Norwegian Farm Names, Volumes: 1 through 17,  O. Rygh, 1886 (updated 1999). Searchable online.

Norway History

Norway, By Sigwart Sörensen, Published by P. F. Collier, 1899.

History of the Norwegian People, By Knut Gjerset, Published by The Macmillan company, 1915.

Norway: A Few Facts from Norwegian History and Politics, By Norwegian Council of Women, Norwegian Council of Women, Published by Brøgger, 1905.

Norway: Its People, Products, and Institutions, By John Bowden, Published by Chapman and Hall, 1867.