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Østfold 2-lag Genealogist: JoAnn Glass: [mailto:Ostfoldlag@worldnet.att.net Ostfoldlag@worldnet.att.net]  
Østfold 2-lag Genealogist: JoAnn Glass: [mailto:Ostfoldlag@worldnet.att.net Ostfoldlag@worldnet.att.net]  
== Related Pages ==
== Related Pages ==
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| <center>[[Denmark|Denmark]]  
| <center>[[Denmark|Denmark]]  
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| <center>[[Portal:Scandinavia|Scandinavia]]  
| <center>[[Scandinavia|Scandinavia]]  
[[Image:Scandinavian Flags.jpg|28x25px|Scandinavian Flags.jpg]]  
[[Image:Scandinavian Flags.jpg|28x25px|Scandinavian Flags.jpg]]  

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Welcome to the Norwegian American page!

FamilySearch Wiki is a community website dedicated to helping people throughout the world learn how to find their ancestors. Through the Norwegian American Portal page you can learn how to find, use, and analyze Norwegian American records of genealogical value. The content is variously targeted to beginners, intermediate, and expert researchers. Please visit the help page to learn more about using the site. The Norwegian American Portal Page is a work in progress, your contributions and feedback are essential!

Featured Content

Norwegian- American Research Strategy 

The time has come to trace your Norwegian ancestry, and you are wondering where to start.            Always start with what you know for sure, and start at home!

1. What do you already know?  Do you have older relatives still alive?  If you do make sure you talk to them as soon as possible!  Write down everything they tell you, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.  Pay special attention to any mentioning of people, names and places.  Look for any family information in Bibles, hymn books, journals (if you are lucky enough to have them), obituaries or death notices, letters, postcards and photographs with names, dates, and places listed on them.                There could be some truth to the oral traditions you have heard since childhood.

2. Look for any information in as many US sources as possible.  Search all the US Federal and state censuses, applications to naturalize and the citizenship certificate, any homestead application, old newspapers, Norwegian-American Lutheran church records, military records, pension records, etc.      Were they members in any Norwegian fraternities?  Have you looked in any county histories?

3. Repositories for these records could be your homes, homes of family members, local libraries, museums, or ethnic organizations. Places that could be of tremendous help would be :

The Norwegian American Genealogical Center and Naeseth Library in Madison Wisconsin.

The Norwegian American Historical Association in Northfield Minnesota

Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad


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Did you know?

The 1910 Census is now complete!  The 1910 census give complete birth information, not just a year, and information on Norwegian who have lived in America and returned to Norway!  There is information on last place of residence in America, when they returned home to Norway, and how long they had lived "over there"!

According to Yngve Nedrebø  the next census project for the Digitalarkivet are the 1885 census for "cities" and the 1875 census for Rogaland.

Research Tools

Norwegian American Sources by State

Norwegian American

Norwegian American/Norwegian American Associations (Bygdelags)

A Bygdelag is an association with an interest in a specific geographical district in Norway.

Possible Contact Persons:

Gudbrandsdals Lag Genealogist: Marilyn Sorensen: Rddladen@usfamily.net

Hadeland Lag Genealogist: Dave Gunderson: Davgund@prtl.com

Hallinglag Genealogist: Jackie Marler: jkmarler@qwest.net

Landingslag Genealogist: Carol Olson: caolson@copper.net

Lappmark Lag Genealogist: Christopher Pesklo: Dinkytown@hotmail.com

Møre og Romsdal Genealogist: David Christ: genealogist@moreogromsdallag.org

Nordfjord Lag Genealogist: Robert O'Neil: Irviking@comcast.net

Nordfjord-Wisconsin Lag Genealogist: Arvalene Vedvik: phone # 608-734-3192

Nord Hedemark og Hedemarken Lag Genealogist: John Reindl: genealogy@nhohlag.org

Nord Hordland/Sunnhordland Genealogist: Barbra Lunsetter: wbluns@gvtel.com Iona Loken: Irloken@srt.com

Nordlandslag Genealogist: Jay W. Liedman: Genscan@tds.net

Numedalslågen Lag Genealogist: Richard Holter: dikarmen@paulbunyan.net

Opdalslag Genealogist: Evy Kuecker: Evykucker@frontier.net

Ringerike Drammen District Lag Genealogist: Phyllis Maxwell: mpmaxwell@wcta.net

Rogaland Lag Genealogist: David Cross: Genealogist@rogalandslag.org

Romerikslag Genealogist: William Naseth: Wnaseth@charter.net

Sigdalslag Genealogist: Garth Ulrich: gulrich@sasktel.net

Sognadal Genealogist: Gerald Sime: Grsime1931@msn.com

Solør Lag Genealogist: Pricilla Sorknes: Psorknes@aol.com

Sognefjord Genealogist: Judy Gates: phone # 608-452-3805

Sunnfjord Lag Genealogist: Tamra Foster: sunnfjordgen@comcast.net

Telelag Genealogist: Darrel Johnson: Dejohnso@wcta.net

Toten Lag Genealogist: Mildred Andorfer: genealogist@toten.org

Trønderlag Genealogist: Barry Dahl: Bs2000@juno.com

Valdres Samband Genealogist: Be Gunelson: begunl@charter.net

Vosselag Genealoist: Ruth Christ: Ruth-christ@uiowa.edu

Østfold 2-lag Genealogist: JoAnn Glass: Ostfoldlag@worldnet.att.net

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