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Oakland FSL
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, California

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Tue-Wed: 10:00 am – 9 pm
Thu-Sat: 10:00 am – 4 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed
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General information

Classes hosted by the Oakland FamilySearch Library are offered free of charge with an occasional small fee to cover the cost of handouts.  Pre-registration is required as classes may be cancelled when enrollment is insufficient. Pre-register at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905.

The African American Research Workshops are discontinued for the summer.  See you in September..

Class and Event Schedule

Date Title Teacher # wks Time

Jun 22 MacGen Users Group Meeting George monthly    1:30P
Jun 25 Ancestral Quest Workshop Eves    6:00P
Jun 30 Area Family History Meeting Severson quarterly    9:00A
Jul 10 East Bay Genealogical Society  monthly   10:00A
Jul 10 Mac Gen Users Workshop George  monthly    7:00P
Jul 16 AAGSNC Louisiana Workshop    6:30P
Jul 20 Nor Cal Single Adult Conference   11:00A
Jul 24 Introduction to Genealogy Sellers  1   7:00P
Jul 27 Mac Gen Users Group Meeting George monthly    1:30P
Aug 14 East Bay Genealogical Society monthly    10:00A
Aug 14 Mac Gen Users Workshop George monthly    7:00P
Aug 18 SFBAJGS Meeting Frankel    1:00P
Aug 24 Mac Gen Users Group Meeting George month;y    1:30P
Sep 10 Computer Basics Holley  1    7:00P
Sep 14 Computer Basics Holley  1   11:00A
  • SFBAJGS = San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
  • AAGSNC = African American Genealogial Society of Northern California

Computer Basics - Instructor, Kim Holley - If your computer skills aren't what you’d like them to be, if you have problems creating files, using a flash drive, we have a class for you! Kim is teaching a Basic computer class, it will be “hands-on” and held in our new computer lab. Tues, June 4th and Sat, June 22nd. (You didn't know we have a new computer lab? It’s coming soon)

Ancestral Quest Workshop (hands-on) - Instructor, Wendall Eves - This is a hands-on opportunity to use the genealogical data management program Ancestral Quest with an instructor to give guidance when necessary. The focus will be documentation and synchronization.  We would appreciate pre-registration at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905 as the class is limited to 8 participants. Bring a flash drive or a laptop computer if you have one.

Introduction to Genealogy - Instructor, Janice Sellers Have you watched the Ancestry.com commercials and thought, “I want to do that“? Have you asked questions and made notes about your family, and now feel ready to take the next step? Would you like to know what genealogical research involves and how to start? Would you like a computer program to help you keep your information organized? This is the class for you. Genealogy is neither as easy as the commercials and TV programs make it sound nor as complicated as it used to be. Take the first step -- come to our free class and find out if this is the hobby for you.