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Oakland FSL
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, California

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Tue-Wed: 10:00 am – 9 pm
Thu-Sat: 10:00 am – 4 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed
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General information

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 Classes hosted by the Oakland FamilySearch Library are offered free of charge with an occasional small fee to cover the cost of handouts.  Pre-registration is required as classes may be cancelled when enrollment is insufficient. Pre-register at: fhcoakland@gmail.comor 510-531-3905.

Class and Event Schedule

Date Title Teacher # wks Time

Mar 22
Beginning Swedish Research - Class & Workshop
Mar 25
Introduction to Roots Magic (hands-on)
Mar 25
Beginning Evernote
Apr 9 East Bay Genealogical Society Stevens monthly 10:00A
Apr 9 Mac Users Workshop George monthly  7:00P
Apr 11 Introduction to Roots Magic (hands-on)
Miller     1 1:30P
Apr 12 Using Online Newspapers for your Gen. Reseach Sellers     1 1:00P
Apr 22 Documentation in Roots Magic (hands-on)
Miller     1 10:30A
Apr 23 African American Research Workshop Ward monthly 6:00P
Apr 26 Mac Gen group Meeting George monthly  1:30P
Apr 27
SFBAJGS meeting

Apr 29
Creating Custom Reports & Using Search in Roots Mag.
  • SFBAJGS = San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society
  • AAGSNC = African American Genealogial Society of Northern California

African American Research Workshop - Instructor, Genealogist Alvis Ward Jr. - This is an ongoing free hands-on research workshop comprised of African Americans, also referred to as Black or Afro-American, or those who harmonize with Sub-Saharan Africa, with ancestry, citizenship, or residency in the United States. The workshop is an interactive exchange of research tools, methods and systems, and discussions necessary for progress at individual levels of family histories and genealogies impacted by the 16th Century removal of Africans to America as slaves. No pre-registration is required. For additional information E-Mail :nextleveldna@gmail.com Beginning Evernote (hands-on) – Instructor, Bonnie Mattson - Evernote is an organization tool for all kinds of media, and text of all kinds, i.e., articles on the Internet, your own personal notes that can be written in the program itself. It has countless applications to life organization and is great for research notes. Everything is searchable by key words for easy access. This class is a beginner's, hands-on class designed specifically to help you begin using Evernote to digitally organize your genealogical research material. Please go to evernote.com, register and set up an account before coming to class. Follow the prompts, it is easy!

Beginning Swedish Research Class and Workshop - Instructor, Wade Olofson, Swedish research specialist - Find your Swedish ancestors and living relatives using the comprehensive resources at the Oakland FamilySearch Library.  Class will last about 1 hour and be followed by a workshop with research assistance.  Please pre-register by E-Mail :Wade

Documentation Using Roots Magic File (hands on) - Instructor, Ken Miller, Associate Director OFSL - Documenting (or footnoting) your research is a vital part of being a good genealogist. This class teaches the fundamentals of documentation using the Roots Magic software program but the principles taught could be used in any program. Please call (510-531-3905) or E-mail (fhcoakland@gmail.com) the FHC to preregister. 

Intro to Roots Magic (hand-on) - Instructor Ken Miller, Associate Director OFSL - This is a hands-on introduction to the genealogical data management program Roots Magic. It will cover opening the program, entering data, using templates for sources and notes, and adding pictures. The Webinar on Using RootsMagic will be included on the CD that will be given to participants. There is no charge for the class but there will be a small fee to cover the cost of handouts. We would appreciate pre-registration at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905 as the class is limited to 6 participants. Bring a flash drive if you have one.

San Francisco Bay Area Jewish Genealogical Society Meeting featuring Jim Mavrikios: Greek Jewry and the Little Schul That could

Using Online Newspapers for your Genealogical Research - Instructor, Janice Sellers, APG - Newspapers are one of the great untapped treasures of genealogical information. Often overlooked because there is no single search engine, newspapers can fill in many of the gaps in your family tree. Come and learn the tricks that will help you find what is waiting for you in the millions of already digitized pages.

Using the SEARCH and REPORTS Features in Roots Magic (hands-on) – Instructor, Kenneth Miller, Associate Director OFSL) – The SEARCH and REPORTS features allow you to generate a list of individuals who meet a specific criteria. For instance, the genealogist has ordered a microfilm from a church in a small town in Pennsylvania; SEARCH and REPORTS allow him to generate a list of individuals in his database who resided in that area. Need a list of ancestors alive in 1930, SEARCH and REPORTS helps you find them. Learn to use this powerful tool. Preregister at fhcoakland@gmail.com or call 510-531-3905.