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== '''Ogden FamilySearch Library Services'''  ==
'''''A Shift Supervisor and an Assistant Supervisor are available on each shift, with shift members serving as cashiers, trainers, and mentors to help patrons.'''''
=== '''[[Image:0170 ofsl Hanson-Blanchard.JPG|left|466x283px|0170 ofsl Hanson-Blanchard.JPG]]'''  ===
<br><br><br>[[Ogden FamilySearch Library|'''Ogden FamilySearch Library Home''']]
== '''Staff Specialities'''  ==
=== '''Languages: Please call the Ogden FamilySearch Library to arrange a session with a language specialist.'''  ===
'''Danish<br>Dutch<br>English, Irish, Scottish<br>French<br>German<br>Greek<br>Latin<br>Norwegian<br>Russian/Ukraine<br>Sign Language<br>Spanish<br>Swedish<br>'''''<i>'''<br><br>''''</i> ''<br>
=== <br> ===
[[Ogden FamilySearch Library|'''Ogden FamilySearch Library Home''']]
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