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Known Issues

Question #1: Why isn't the village of Oak Harbor, the location of St. Boniface Parish, included in the “City/Town/Village” list for Ottawa County?
Answer #1: St. Boniface Parish is incorrectly located at the Toledo link. Oak Harbor will be added to the City/Town/Village list in a future rework of this collection, and St. Boniface records will be linked to the correct place.

Question #2: The records found at > Richland > Shelby > Sacred Heart > 1849-1923 Baptisms are not Baptisms, but are Marriage and Death records. Are baptismal records missing?
Answer #2: The other three sets of records listed for Sacred Heart are correctly listed as Baptismal Records and cover the years 1844-1924

Question #3: Are all records for Huron > Bismark > St. Sebastian and Erie > Sandusky > St. Mary attributed to the correct parish?
Answer #3: It may not be possible to determine for certain where an event occurred. To meet the needs of new German speaking congregations, the Catholic diocese apparently assigned one German speaking priest to serve more than one congregation. Priests’ signatures and handwriting indicate that parish records may be intermingled. The following St. Sebastian and St. Mary parish record sets are examples.
• Huron > Bismark > St. Sebastian > 1853-1914 Confirmations, Marriages.
• Erie > Sandusky > St. Mary > 1853-1876 Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations, Marriages.

Question #4: When searching records for Seneca > New Riegel > St. Boniface baptismal records from 1835-1913 are missing. Are they available?
Answer #4: These records were accidentally omitted from the film. There are 237 missing images. You could possibly order the film containing these records from Bowling Green State University, Center for Archival Collections or contact the Diocese of Toledo, the owner of the original records.

Question #5: When I look at the records at the browse point “Ottawa > Toussaint > St. Joseph > 1796-1935 Cemetery Burial Lists”, I see records from Michigan. Can you explain this?
Answer #5: These are records from St. Antoine Cemetery in Monroe, Michigan which was later changed to St. Joseph Cemetery, that have been incorrectly labeled from Ohio. This Diocese seems to cross state lines. But the cemetery is in Monroe, Michigan.

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