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Known Issues

Question #1: There appear to be some records missing from Guernsey and Hocking Counties in this collection. Are these records available for viewing?
Answer #1: The images contained on film number 2209810 (Guernsey County, Ohio) as well as film numbers 1289454 and 2318125 (Hocking County, Ohio) are not included in this collection due to contract issues. These films can be ordered into a FamilySearch Center for viewing. For instructions on ordering the films please see: Ordering Microfilm or Microfiche.

Question #2: These two files: Probate records 1892 number 10733 1892 and Probate records 1892 number 10734-10798 are not displaying the correct records. Can you explain what the problem is?
Answer #2: When the records were placed online the records from the file Probate records 1892 number 10733 1892 and Probate records 1892 number 10734-10798 were switched. Parts of Probate record 10733 can be found in each of the above mentioned files.

Question#3: The records in the waypoint Belmont County > Probate Records, 1859, no. 4306-4387 don’t seem to match the label. Where can I find these records?
Answer #3: The waypoint labeled Probate Records 1859 no 4388, has the images from folders no. 4306-4387 in images 1-2987. Images 2988-3040 are from folder no. 4388. The waypoint labeled no. 4306-4387 has additional images from folder 4388.

Question #4: Are the dates for Hamilton > Administration Dockets vol 57 correct?
Answer #4: There are two waypoints for this volume. The first should be labeled Administration dockets 1917 vol 57. It has pages 1-200 and includes the index for the years 1917-1918. The waypoint that is currently labeled Administration dockets 1917-1918 vol 57 continues the rest of the 1917 records beginning with page 200 and the 1918 records. There are some records beyond 1918 included as well.

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