Book and Film Numbers Used by the Family History Library

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The Family History Library has used a few different way to number films and books since the library started in 1894.  These numbers are now mostly found on old family group sheets for the sources for the data on the sheets. These old numbers for books and films are no longer used, so the current numbers for the books and films must be found. 

There were three old numbering systems for books and three old numbering systems for films.  The tools to find the current numbers are at the Family History Library.

Old Film Numbers

1.  The first numbering system for films used F (for film), then FH (for family history) or a geographic code, then a number, for example:

F F.H. 35

F Ga. 79

2.  The second numbering system used F (for film), then a number, then sometimes a part number.  These numbers were also called "red numbers" because the numbers were printed in red ink on the film boxes.  Examples:

1379 pt. 4

The tricky part of this system is it is hard to know if the number is old or current.  However if

3.  The current numbering system

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