Old English Handwriting Helps

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New this month -

Another Unusual "r"

Introduction to Paleography Manual

Brevigraphs -

Another variation of æ ligature.

Brevigraph  =  "es"

Brevigraph for "a"

Brevigraph for "or, ur, ar, er"

Brevigraphs Are Not Abbreviations

Definition of a Brevigraph

Interesting Brevigraphs

More Brevigraphs

New Symbol for "æ"

Unusual Use of "per" Brevigraph

How To Files -

How Not to Deal with Widows

How to Deal with Incomplete Names

How to Deal with Torn or Incomplete Pages

How to Enter Mother's Surnames

How to Handle Alias Entries

How to Use the Lookup Lists to Identify Unusual Name

Latin Files -


Dei Sequente

Help on Latin Record

How to Enter Maiden Surname

Latin Entry


Penultimo Die

Sequel to Die Sequente


Typical Latin Baptism Entries

Unusual Latin Entries

Unusual Latin Term

Letter Files -

Another Unusual "r"

Atypical Letter

Difference Between "g" and "y"

Difference Between H and St

Difference Between Letters J and G

Difference Between S & L

Double S and Double F

F's and S's 1

F's and S's 2

F's and S's 3

Interchangeable "I" and "J"

Interchangeable Letters

Letter Indicators

Peculiar Ending "r"

The Letter W Presents Problems

Think "v"

Unusual A

Using Special International Characters

Names Files -

Alisdaughter or Knowle

Difficult Entry

Difficult Surname

Do Not Assume Surname

Found in Warwickshire 2

Found in Warwickshire


Goodman and Goodwife

How to Identify a Name

Incomplete Surnames

Interesting Entry


Misinterpreted Relationships

More Unusual Entries

Place Names

Read Entries Carefully

Several Interesting Points

Simple Name, Repeated Errors

Surnames on Left

Title, Not a Given Name

Totally Misinterpreted Entry

Unusual Ending

Unusual Given Name

Unusual Spelling

Unusual Surname

Variant Spelling

Variations of a Surname

Watch for Aliases

Number Files -

Addition to Date Samples

Another Addition to Date Samples

Brushup on Latin Numbers

Date Samples

Date with Tiny Circle

Latin Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal Numbers

Rare Date

Rare Numeral

Paleography File -

Beautiful Handwriting

Handwriting Hints

Rules and Procedures - 

Arbitration in Old English

Clarification of Some Problems

Comparison is Your Best Tool 2

Comparison is Your Best Tool

Dark Marriage

Death (Burial) in Midst of Christenings

Do Not Calculate Dates 2

Do Not Calculate Dates

Do Not Index Employers

Do Not Index Entries with No Names

Don't Add Information from Other Sources

Duplicate Images

Entry with No Extractable Data

Hard to Read Dates

Hole in the Page

How to Index This Format

Index as Written


Little Known Shortcut

Marriage Banns & Wedding Dates

More Hints About the Lookup List

More Nil Entries

Nothing Ever Changes

Record Matching

Record Matching in Arbitration

Sample Entries

Should I Return a Batch?

Stillborn Children

Superfluous 'Other" Entries

United Kingdom Lookup Lists

United Kingdom Place Names

Unusual Spelling and Letters

Use of Lookup Lists

Use Previous and Next Images

Using Images Found on the Internet

Verifying Year Dates

What Do These Entries Have in Common?

Special Entries -

Funny Entries

Golfing on Sunday

Scottish Poem

Teaching Moments -

Teaching Moments 1

Teaching Moments 2

Teaching Moments 3

Teaching Moments 4

Teaching Moments 5

Teaching Moments 6

Teaching Moments 7