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Oldenburg Gazetteer

As there are no central record retrieval systems for German records, it is imperative to know the record jurisdictions to which your ancestor's place of origin belonged. The object of this project was to list the place names within the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg, along with:

1) Physical description, i.e. farm, city, etc.

2) Community to which it belonged, (similar to a district).

3) The name of the County Seat

4) The Lutheran parish jurisdiction.

5) Where the Lutheran records are housed.

6) The Catholic parish jurisdiction.

7) Where the Catholic records are housed.

This is currently an ongoing project.


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Hof- and Staatskalender (state calendars) of Oldenburg

In the 18th century the so called Hof- and Staatskalender appeared as a new publication in many territories of the German Empire. They are a product of the changing administrations, namely from the patriarchal form of government which was relatively understandable to a form of government which was bureaucratic and courtly.
The publications begin with a yearly calendar, giving information of names of saints, astronomical occurrences, court and church celebrations, and/or country sayings. The bulk of the information, however, belongs to the listings of officials, ranging from the highest nobleman to the lowest servant in a castle. Further lists of interest groups may be attached. Also of interest may be information about postal codes, currency and historical descriptions of regions and cities of the territory.
One can also find a listing of localities and determine to which administration or parish they belong. (usually at the very end of the book).

Internetportal “Westfälische Geschichte

Here is a list of calendars for Oldenburg:
Oldenburgischer Staatskalender 1829
Oldenburgischer Staatskalender 1828
Oldenburgischer Staatskalender 1830
Oldenburgischer Staatskalender 1838
Oldenburgischer Staatskalender 1844