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Some online research resources:

The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society
This page discusses special challenges:

The Guyana / British Guiana Genealogical Society
Guyana/British Guiana Genealogy Society Forum

Guyana Genealogical and Biographical Society
This blog contains transcribed newspaper anouncements of birth, marriage, and death, and some biographies and photos.

Chinese in Guyana: their roots

British Guiana Colonists is an index to colonists.

Guyana Colonial Newspapers

Guyana - Family History & Genealogy Message Boards

Guyana Genealogy Queries

Guyana government addresses

Afrigeneas African-American genealogy and has searchable records and slave data. There are discussion forums about tracing family from the Caribbean, including Guyana.

A Guyana genealogy message board

The British National Archives

1909 Argosy Directory of British Guiana - a list of prominent people.

Family History Centers in Guyana:
Georgetown Guyana
Prashad Nagar
Georgetown, Guyana
Note: These are not mailing addresses. Due to limited staff, Family History Centers are unable to respond to mail inquiries.
If you live in the area, see if they can help you.

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An excellent article on the county and its history can be found at

Parliament of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana

University of Guyana (no family history listed)

Guyana Government Information Agency
(passports, birth certificates)

The National Library of Guyana has newspapers, yearbooks, historical writings and photographs.

2002 census of Guyana, but seems to give no access to anything other than basic statistics, and no access to earlier censuses.

Guyana News and Information
Discussion on indentured East Indians in Guyana (projected database of East Indian Indentured Servants)
Online forum with family history interests

Georgetown, Guyana News

The National Trust of Guyana seems to be concerned with preserving historic buildings rather than family history.