Opstad, Hedmark, Norway Genealogy

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Norway > Hedmark County > Opstad

Church Records

See Sør-Odal

Census Records

See Sør-Odal

Court Records

Land Records

Farm Books

Vigeland, Nils P., Sør-Odal, gard og ætt, Sør-Odal historelag, 1961. 948.23/O2 D2v v. 2 A genealogy of the people and a history of the farms in Ulleren and Oppstad parishes in Sør-Odal clerical district. A farm name index to this book is found in the following link. File:948.23-O2 D2v - Sør-Odal.pdf

Farm Names

The farm number and name of the farms listed in Oluf Rygh Farm Name Index in about 1900 were as follows:

97 Aarstad 93 Auli nordre 87 Bakli 93 Brynjulsrud 88 Børgen 93 Farset 92 Farsetaasen 93 Finberget 99 Gommerud 85 Hornes 92 Jersaas 93 Jordfetdalen 98 Kjølstad vestre 92 Krævengen 93 Løkker 101 Nust nordre 100 Opstad 94 Petterud 92 Ringaas 102 Ringsengen 96 Seim 91 Sitterud 91 Skjulstad nordre 86 Stumoen 92 Trosviken 89 Vestby 95 Øien nedre

Probate Records

1675-1774: Records are found in Solør og Østerdal judicial district.

1758-1852: Records are found in Solør og Odal judicial district.

1683-1865: Records are found in Øvre Romerike judicial district.


Oluf Rygh: Norwegian Farm Names