Orangeburg County, South Carolina Compiled Genealogies

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United States  Gotoarrow.png South Carolina Gotoarrow.png Orangeburg County Gotoarrow.png Orangeburg County Genealogy

See also the main article on genealogical research in Orangeburg County, South Carolina.

It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]


As of August 2010, a query for persons born in Orangeburg, South Carolina at World Connect, produces more than 20,000 results.

A bibliography of Orangeburg family histories appears as an appendix to this book:

  • Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society. Orangeburgh Immigrants and First Families. Orangeburg, S.C.: Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society, 1990. FHL Collection 975.779 D2o

Surname indexes to Leonardo Andrea's Files | Folders | Resources are available online, courtesy: The Andrea Files: South Carolina Genealogical Research. Gotoarrow.png Learn more.

  • Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society. Orangeburgh Lineage Charts, Volume I. Orangeburg, S.C.: Orangeburgh German-Swiss Genealogical Society, 1991. FHL 975.779/O1 D2o

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