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[http://www.binal.ac.pa/binal/bibliotecas/directorio-bp http://www.binal.ac.pa/binal/bibliotecas/directorio-bp]
[http://www.binal.ac.pa/binal/bibliotecas/directorio-bp http://www.binal.ac.pa/binal/bibliotecas/directorio-bp]
=== Cultural Magazine "La Loteria"  ===
=== Cultural Magazine "La Loteria"  ===

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Panama Gotoarrow.png Archives and Libraries

The National Library of Panama

The National Library of Panama Web site provides an extensive online catalog. You can download digitized books, many of which are out of print. You can also access a national bibliographic database and panamananian biographies. Content is in Spanish.


Directory of Public LIbraries

List of public libraries in Panama.


Cultural Magazine "La Loteria"

The cultural magazine, Loteria, is a regular publication of the National Lottery and contains articles on history, notable people, literature, and art. Most of the issues in this collection, spanning from 1941 to the present, have been digitized. Two sources are available: one from the Loteria publishers and one from the National Library of Panama. Each collection contains some issues that are not duplicated in the other collection. You can click on any item in the index to download the PDF for that issue.