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[http://www.coins-of-panama.com/library.html?Size=SmallNOen#catalog http://www.coins-of-panama.com/library.html?Size=SmallNOen#catalog]
[http://www.coins-of-panama.com/library.html?Size=SmallNOen#catalog http://www.coins-of-panama.com/library.html?Size=SmallNOen#catalog]

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Digital Library of Panama

Panama's Digital Library is a collection of online books representative of Panama's life and culture. The complete texts of the collected works are available for download in PDF format. The collection includes directories and books on history, literature, arts, and sciences. Most of the books are in Spanish; a few are bilingual.



Digital Library of Costa Rica

Another research resource is the digital library collection of Panama's closest neighbor, Costa Rica. Works are mostly in Spanish; a few are bilingual.


Panama Bibliography

This is a list of  historical books on Panama and the Panama Canal, which is part of an extensive catalog of Panama and Canal Zone coins. Most of the books are in English and have been rated by the author of the catalog, with an indication of their availability in the marketplace.