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= Links  =
==== Videos and Online lessons  ====
*[https://familysearch.org/learningcenter/lesson/if-i-d-only-known-beginner-genealogy-mistakes/225 If I’d Only Known! Beginner Genealogy Mistakes] (Section: Collecting Answers)
*''Ancestors'' Season 2: [https://familysearch.org/learningcenter/lesson/ancestors-season-2-compiled-records/173 Compiled Records]
==== Articles  ====
*[[Family Trees: An Online Research Tool|Family Trees: An Online Research Tool]]
*[[Submitting to the Pedigree Resource File]]<br>
*[[Use the Internet for Family History Research|Use the Internet for Family History Research]]

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Pedigree Resource File (PRF) is a growing collection of user submitted genealogies. It shows individuals’ names; family relationships; and dates and places of birth, marriage, and death. No merges, corrections, or additions are made to genealogies submitted to Pedigree Resource File.

When to Use It

Use Pedigree Resource File to discover what genealogical research has already been done. Use it to guide you towards original records. As with all compiled genealogies, Pedigree Resource File has significant limitations (see below) and more accurate information should be sought from the original records.


  • Submitters are responsible for the accuracy of the information. FamilySearch does not check the accuracy of any contributed genealogy.
  • Information in Pedigree Resource File is second-hand. Verify the information before accepting it.
  • Submitter information, previously available, is now hidden for privacy reasons.
  • Pedigree Resource File contains many errors and unlike the new FamilySearch Tree, corrections are not accepted. Submitters are advised to make another submission that includes corrections. However, both old and new submissions are left in Pedigree Resource File.




May 1999   Ability to submit genealogies on the new www.familysearch.org. Submissions occurred at the rate of about 1.2 million names per month.
1999   Released CDs 1-8.
February 2000   Ability to search the master index of all Pedigree Resource File CD-ROM discs.
July 2000   First nine discs are available.
2000   Released CDs 9-22.
4 January 2003   Submissions to the Ancestral File are no longer accepted. Contributors told to submit to the Pedigree Resource File (PRF) instead.
2001   Released CDs 23-36.
2002   Released CDs 37-54.
2003   Released CDs 55-75.
2004   Released CDs 76-100.
2005   Released CDs 101-125.
2006   Released DVDs 126-130.
12 Mar 2007   Total names exceeds 150 million. File has been growing by about 19 million names a year. Added the ability to view pedigrees online.
2007   Released DVDs 131-137.
2008   Released DVDs 138-143.
2009   Released DVDs 144-147.
2010   Released DVDs 148-150.