Pendleton County, South Carolina Genealogy

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United StatesGotoarrow.pngSouth CarolinaGotoarrow.pngPendleton County


Pendleton County was created in 1789 from formerly Cherokee Indian lands. At first it included all of present-day Anderson County, Oconee County, and Pickens County.[1]

The overarching Washington District created in 1791 included the subordinate Pendleton County. The name of this overarching district was changed to Pendleton District in 1798. [2] Compare the 1791 South Carolina map and the 1799 South Carolina Map. In 1800 South Carolina abolished overarching administrative court districts like Pendleton District, and switched to the county-only concept.

The remaining Pendleton County survived until 1826 when it was split into Anderson County and Pickens County. At that time the Pendleton County name was extinguished.


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