Petrus, Oslo, Norway Genealogy

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Church Records

Microfilm at the Family History Library contain parish registers from Peter's parish in Oslo city. Was established in 1877. Records are for 1880-1913.

Images of the church books are online at Digitalarkivet.

History of the parish

The parish was established in 1880 as a result of the expansion of the city in 1877. The borders for the parish were from the city limits by Hovinveien along Sørligata, Jens Bjelkes gate, east of the Botanical Gardens, Trondheimsveien from the end of Lakkegata to Helgesens gate, Veksgata, Fagerheims gata, then north to the city limits.

On September 28, 1897 the borders were changed to follow Heibergs gate from the city limits, Tøyengata, Jens Bjelkes gate, Vahls gate, Herslebs gate to Schows plass, Toftes gate, Helgesens gate, Tegleverksgata, Berksgata, Fagerheimsgata, then north to the city limits.

The area nearest Tøyen Park was given to Tøyen chapelry in 1907. And a small area between Toftes gate and Kirkegårdsgata was taken to create Matteus parish in 1916, but this parish was discontinued again in 1938 and the area was divided among Petrus, Grønland and Jakob parishes.

In 1956 Lilleborg parish was created from parts of Petrus. Petrus changed its name to Sofienberg parish in 1962.