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Known Issues

The Philippines, Civil Registration, 1945-1996 collection contains records of marriage and death certificates from various localities in the Philippines. Records are organized by province, record type, year, and then municipality.

While browsing this collection, some localities, year ranges, or specific images are either missing or appear to be missing.

The following is a list of probable causes:

  1. Some records are actually missing in the sense that they were never microfilmed.
    Metropolitan Manila, Pasay city (some record types and years).
  2. Some records are missing from the collection because they have been microfilmed but have not yet been processed for publication. These records will be added to the collection over time.
  3. Some records appear to be missing, but really aren’t, because they are listed under two different provinces, for different years. This occurs because some towns changed names or were absorbed into larger town over time. 
    Rizal province, Deaths, 1973
    Quezon City (Jun-Jun). and Quezon City (May-May) DGS 4701374, GS 1773190. The Library Catalog indicates this town should be under Metropolitan Manila, as are all the other death records for Quezon City.

    Deaths for Malabon:
    1975 & 1976 is listed under Rizal province.
    1977 and later is listed under Metropolitan Manila.

    Marriages for Malabon: (now Metropolitan Manila)
    All are listed under Rizal province.
  4. The arrangement of the data contributes to the feeling of "missing records."
    Example found in Bulacan province, Marriages, 1945
    Agnat – Bocaue (Apr-Nov)
    In this locality, all of the towns found alphabetically between Agnat and Bocaue are represented, however, the records in Agnat begin in April and the records in Bocaue end in November.  In reality, Agnat - Bocaue contain the following data.
    Agnat Apr-Dec
    Baliuag Jan-Mar, May, Apr-Dec
    Bocaue Feb-Nov
  5. There may not have been events during a certain time period. For example, in a small town there may not have been any marriages during the first quarter. 

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