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Vital Records of our ancestors, such as births or baptisms, marriages, and deaths or burials, can be found in the parish registers of Schleswig-Holstein.  Family records may indicate the name of a smaller locality, such as a farm or village.  It is necessary to identify the name of the parish to which this locality belonged before vital records can be searched.  This list of place names in Schleswig-Holstein will help you identify parish and district (Kreis) jurisdictions for localities.  Place names as they existed from 1867 to 1920 when these areas were under Prussian administration have been identified in this listing.  Parishes in the Kreise or districts of Apenrade, Hadersleben, Sonderburg, and the northern part of Tondern Kreis now belong to Denmark.  The southern portion of Tondern Kreis is in the modern state of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. 

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