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Determine the modern Polish name for the town

A. If you have a German name and are not sure about the correct spelling or jurisdictions for the town formerly in the German Empire use:

Meyers Orts- und Verkehrslexikon des deutschen Reiches, 1912-1913. Ref 943 E5mo Film number 496,640 - 496,641

For former German church and civil jurisdiction use:

Gemeinde-Lexikon Pommern and Posen Film 806,634 Schlesien 806,633 Ostpreussen 806,636 Westpreussen 1,045,433 item 5 Brandenburg 806,632 Grenzmark 806,636 (part of Westpreussen and Posen)

For Austrian Empire names including Galicia (most of the larger places are shown) Film 897,093 Item 1

B. Determine the modern Polish name of the town by using the appropriate place name change dictionaries:

For Oberschlesien, Ostpreussen, Posen and Westpreussen removed from the German Empire after World War I use: Deutsch-fremdsprachiges Ortsnamenverzeichnis, 1931. Ref Q 940 E5kt Film number 520,387

Ortsverzeichnis der Provinz Posen, 1940. Film 476,277 (Contains a more detailed listing for Posen. It is arranged by Kreis - check Meyers first to determine the Kreis).

For parts of Brandenburg, Danzig, Ostpreussen (including a small section of the former Westpreussen), Pommern (including Grenzmark-Posen-Westpreussen), and Schlesien removed from Germany after World War II use:

Mullers Verzeichnis der jenseits der Oder-Neisse gelegenen, unter fremder Verwa1tung stehenden Ortschaften, 1958. Ref 943 E5m 1958 Film number 1,045,448


Amtliches Gemeinde- und ortsnamenverzeichnis der deutschen Ostgebiete unter fremder Verwaltung, 1939, 1955. Ref 943.8 E5b Film number 1,045,449 Item 5

Find the modern Polish name in the Polish Gazetteer to determine its modern jurisdictions

Ref 943.8 E5s Spis miejscowosci Po1skiej Rzeczypospo1itej Ludowej ., 1965. Film number 844,922 (BE AWARE OF THE DIFFERENT POLISH ALPP'..ABET) Check columns 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7 1 name of town 2 name of next larger admistrative unit 3 county or district seat (powiat) 4 province (wojewodztwo) - is given in adjectival form Opole - opolskie 7 present vital records office If you can't locate the place name you have, you may want tp look it up in the old Kingdom of Poland gazetteer, 1879-1880. Stownik geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego i innych krajow stowianskich Film number 920.957 - 920~972 III. Check the DCC (Dictionary Card Catalog) A. Start with the INDIRECT ENTRY for your town. POLAND, BIAJ',YSTOK, NAROJKI - VITAL RECORDS country, province, town -3- B. If there are no cards , try the NEXT LARGER UNIT (column 2 shown in the modern gazetteer). POLAND, BIA$YSTOK, DROHICZYN - VITAL RECORDS town C. If there are no cards, try VITAL RECORDS OFFICE (column 7 in the modern gazetteer) POLAND, BIAtYSTOK~ DROHICZYN - VITAL RECORDS In this case it is the same as column 2, but could be different! D. If there are still no cards, try the DISTRICT (powiat) (column 3 in the modern gazetteer). POLAND t B~YSTOK, SIEMIATYCZE (POWIAT) - VITAL RECORDS Under this heading are listed' every town in this modern district for which the library has records. IV. Work with a detailed map of the area surrounding your town to find towns where the records o~ your town may be included. Old German Empire !-1aps ----------':"'---------- Film 068 814 Old Austro-Hungarian Ew?ire Maps ----------~ Film 1,045,395 940 ---- Library also ~as a set of older ETbm Polish maps. Tnese are under copyright and can't be filmed. 943.8 E7s -- I-fodern Polish !!laps for all provinces (wojewodztwa) are also in the Library. They are also ~~der copyri~lt -- and can It be filmed. Some modern Polish maps (detailed but not compiete) are on film 1,045,413 . Directory of Ro~an 9atholic Church in Poland, 1970 shows location by parishes. (Siec parafialna kosciola katolickiego w Polsce) Film 1,045,455 Item 2 IF YOU CAN'T FIND RECORDS FOR YOUR TOWN, DO NOT GIVE UP, WE ARE STILL FIUUNG IN POLAND Poland has 17 provinces: Bialystok, B,ydgoszcz, Gdansk, Katowice, Kielce, Koszalin, Krakow, Lublin, todz, Olsztyn, Opole, Poznan, Rzeszow, Szczecin, Warszawa, Wroclaw and Zielona Gora. The Polish Government recently nade changes in provincial boundaries (1975), but the Genealogical Library has decided not to change the catalog, it will remain the same as the 1965 gazetteer indicates