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=== Heraldry  ===
=== Heraldry  ===
*[http://www.szlachta.org/2index.htm Confederation of the Polish Nobility]  
*[http://www.szlachta.org/2index.htm Confederation of the Polish Nobility] {{dead link}}
*[http://www.szlachta.org/heraldry.htm Polish Nobility and Its Heraldry]  
*[http://www.szlachta.org/heraldry.htm Polish Nobility and Its Heraldry]{{dead link}}
*[http://wielcy.pl The Minakowski's Great Genealogy Site]
*[http://wielcy.pl The Minakowski's Great Genealogy Site]

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The following websites are only a small sample of the wonderful sites that can be found to help with Polish genealogical research. It is not possible to give all the websites available for each category. However, those provided should emphasize the use of the Internet to further Polish research and knowledge of Polish ancestors' homeland.

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Archives & Libraries

Church Records

Church Directories

Civil Registration


Emigration and Immigration

  • Hamburg Passenger Lists FamilySearch Wiki article. Note: the old Hamburg Passenger Lists Resource Guide has been incorporated into this article.
  • Germans from Russia discusses strategies for finding German-speaking immigrants to Russia and Poland.



General Information



Historical Geography

Jewish Records

Language and Languages


Military Records

Names Personal

Regional Research

Research in Middle Poland


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