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#REDIRECT [[Portugal, Évora, Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Records)]]
|title=Portugal, Évora, Catholic Church Records, 1533-1909
== Image Visibility  ==
Whenever possible, FamilySearch makes images available for all users. However, ultimate rights to view images on our website are granted by the record custodians. The Portugal, Évora, Catholic Church Records collection is available to the Family History Library, FamilySearch Centers, and to members of the supporting organization, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The images can be viewed at a [https://familysearch.org/locations FamilySearch Center] near you.
== Title in the Language of the Record  ==
'''Portugal, Évora, Registros da Iglesia Católica'''
== Record Description  ==
Copies of baptism, marriage, and burial records created by the Catholic Church and housed at the Évora District Archive in Portugal.
For a list of records by localities, document type and dates currently published in this collection, select the [https://familysearch.org/search/image/index#uri=https%3A//familysearch.org/records/collection/2043775/waypoints Browse].
=== Citation for This Collection  ===
The following citation refers to the original source of the information published in FamilySearch.org. It may include the author, custodian, publisher and archive for the original records.
{{Collection citation| text = <!--bibdescbegin-->Catholic parishes in Evora. Portugal, Evora, Catholic Church Records. Evora District Archive, Portugal.<!--bibdescend-->
[[Portugal, Evora, Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Collections)#Citation_Example_for_a_Record_Found_in_This_Collection|Suggested citation format for a record in this collection.]]
== Record Content  ==
[[Image:Portugal evora ccr baptism.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px|Portugal evora ccr baptism.jpg]] '''Key genealogical information found in most baptismal records:'''
[[Image:Portugal evora ccr death.jpg|thumb|right|240x380px| Portugal evora ccr death.jpg]]
*Date and place of the event
*Name of the person baptized
*Gender and date of birth or age
*If legitimate or illegitimate
*Parents’ names and residence or places of origin
*Names of the paternal and maternal grandparents
*Names of the godparents
'''Key genealogical information found in most marriage records:'''
*Date and place of the event
*Names of the bride and groom
*Sometimes their civil statuses (widowed, single, divorced) at the time of the event
*Places of origin or residence of the bride and groom
*Parents’ names and their civil statuses
*Names of the witnesses
'''Key genealogical information found in most deaths records:'''
*Place and date where the person died
*Name of the deceased
*Civil status and name of the spouse, if married at the time of death
*Place of burial
*Parents’ names
*Cause of death
== How to Use the Record  ==
To search the collection you will need to follow this series of links:<br> ⇒Select the "Browse" link in the initial search page<br> ⇒Select the “Distrito” <br> ⇒Select the “Município” <br> ⇒Select the “Freguesia” <br> ⇒Select the “Paróquia” <br> ⇒Select the “Tipo de registro e anos” which takes you to the images.
Look at the images one by one comparing the information with what you already know about your ancestors to determine which one is your ancestor. You may need to compare the information about more than one person to make this determination.
== Known Issues with This Collecton  ==
{{HR Known Issues}}For a full list of all known issues associated with this collection see the attached [[Portugal, Evora, Catholic Church Records (FamilySearch Historical Collections)/Known Issues|Wiki article]]. If you encounter additional problems, please email them to [mailto:support@familysearch.org support@familysearch.org]. Please include the full path to the link and a description of the problem in your e-mail. Your assistance will help ensure that future reworks will be considered.
== Related Websites  ==
*[http://www.ancestry.com/name-origin?surname=evora Evora Family History]
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== Contributions to This Article  ==
== Citing FamilySearch Historical Collections  ==
When you copy information from a record, you should list where you found the information. This will help you or others to find the record again. It is also good to keep track of records where you did not find information, including the names of the people you looked for in the records.
A suggested format for keeping track of records that you have searched is found in the wiki article [[Help:How to Cite FamilySearch Collections]].
=== Citation Example for a Record Found in This Collection  ===
{{Incomplete Citations}}
“Argentina, Buenos Aires, Catholic Church Records, 1635-1981,” images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org: accessed 28 February, 2012), La Plata &gt; San Ponciano &gt; Matrimonios 1884-1886 &gt; image 71 of 389 images, Artemio Avendano and Clemtina Peralta, 1884; citing Parroquia de San Ponciano en la Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Matrimonios. San Ponciano, La Plata, Buenos Aires. When the citation has been replaced with a citation specific to the collection being described, the heading should be changed to “Citation Example for a Record Found in This Collection” in Heading style 3.

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