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| Thousands<br>  
| Thousands<br>  
| Decades of genealogy research experience<br>  
| Decades of genealogy research experience<br>  
| Fees range from $60/hr - $75/hr<br>  
| Fees range from $60/hr - $75/hr. Free Consultation!<br>  
| Full Service Professional&nbsp; Research Company<br>
| Full Service Professional&nbsp; Research Company<br>

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Below is a list of professional researchers who offer fee-based family history services to help customers find Ohio ancestors.

Researcher or Business Credentials, Professional Associations Hours Worked for Clients Genealogical Experience Hourly Rate Range

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Jim Hedell


APG. FamilySearch Research Department. North America and Europe. 1000s
Negotiable depending on project. No charge for first hour (avg. $15 to $50/hr)

Researcher. Consultant. Work in FHL in SLC.

GAGP member

Legacy Tree Genealogy


Accredited, University Degrees in Genealogy and Family History, Awards and Certifications
Decades of genealogy research experience
Fees range from $60/hr - $75/hr. Free Consultation!
Full Service Professional  Research Company

Challis Genealogical Research

  GAGP Utah Representative,  Executive Committee & Webmaster


over 50 yrs researching



FHL in SLC         see my research examples Former Ancestry.com ExpertConnect expert

Laura Marshallsay, M.A

BA & MA in history.

GAGP    Ohio Representative

New to paid research 20 years research experience
$25 per hour.  Genealogist, Historian, Oral Historian. Ohio resident to serve you better.

MBK Consulting

Miriam Kahn,  CEO

Librarian and Public Historian

GAGP Ohio representative

30 years as librarian, 20 as history and genealogy researcher
Fees range from $30/hr for document retrieval to $50-$200/hr for research.
Genealogical, historical, land research. Also present seminars. See my website www.mbkcons.com Ohio resident!