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[[User:DianeThomasResearch|DianeThomasResearch]]*Diane Thomas Genealogical Research  
[[User:DianeThomasResearch|DianeThomasResearch]]*Diane Thomas Genealogical Research  

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Below is a list of professional researchers who offer fee-based family history services to help patrons find ancestors in this place

Researcher or Business Credentials, Professional Associations Hours Worked for Clients Genealogical Experience Hourly Rate Range Notes & Links (limit 140 characters)
*Simon Fowler Family Search User:Simontheeditor MA; Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals; Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives  100+ 30 years $40 http://www.history-man.co.uk

DianeThomasResearch*Diane Thomas Genealogical Research

IHGS Higher Certificate in Genealogy;

BA, History;

Global Alliance of Genealogy Professionals

18 years professional experience