Provinces of Sweden

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USED FOR CULTURAL IDENTITY.  Not used in the Family History Library Catalog.

The provinces of Sweden are importantan cultural entities but are not used for administrative purposes and have no legal significance.  They are natural, cultural, and geographical units with deep roots and play an important role in the daily lives of the Swedish people.

Often when immigrants referred to their origin in Sweden they talked about their provinces.  They saw themselves as residents of a certain province such as Skåne, Ångermanland, and Dalarna rather than from a county.  Emigrants from large cities, however, such as Stockholm or Göteborg would give their origin as the name of the city.

The 25 provinces are as follows:

BLEKINGE                                                   BOHUSLÄN                                                DALARNA

DALSLAND                                                  GOTLAND                                                   GÄSTRIKLAND

HALLAND                                                     HÄLSINGLAND                                           HÄRJEDALEN

JÄMTLAND                                                   LAPPLAND                                                 MEDELPAD

NORRBOTTEN                                              NÄRKE                                                      SKÅNE

SMÅLAND                                                    SÖDERMANLAND                                      UPPLAND

VÄRMLAND                                                  VÄSTERBOTTEN                                       VÄSTERGÖTLAND

VÄSTMANLAND                                            ÅNGERMANLAND                                     ÖLAND