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Berlin Civil Registration Jurisdictions

Research in Berlin is complicated by the great size of the city and the large number of civil registration offices. The Street Register guide at the link below is intended to help you identify the civil registration district in which your ancestor may have been recorded.

Here is the link to help you determine which addresses were assigned to which civil registration office:

This link will help you locate the Melde records in Berlin that are available.


On October 1, 1874, under Prussian law it became necessary in Berlin for all births, marriages, and deaths to be recorded by the government. Therefore thirteen civil registration offices were formed in Berlin to record these records. These offices were each assigned a number, rather than a name. With the Increase In population new branch offices were added to the system with a number and a letter such as 13a and 13b added to district 13.

In 1912 there was a reorganization of the civil registration offices in Berlin. At that time the many outlying areas Berlin were Incorporated Into Berlin's Civil registration system and as a result forty-nine offices came Into existence which included these outlying areas. These offices remained the same until 1920. Since that time there have been several regroupings including changes resulting from the divided administration of the city at the end of World War II and the resulting sections were referred to as West Berlin and East Berlin. In 1991 Berlin was reunified into one city. Today in the whole of Berlin there are twenty-three civil registration districts. There Is no central register or index to the vital records held by these offices.

In order to obtain information from the civil registration offices of Berlin you must take note of the following:
If your ancestor lived in the area of the city that came to be called "West Berlin," you must determine what civil registration district had jurisdiction over the part of the city where the birth, marriage, or death took place. When you have determined which civil registration district your ancestor resided, you should write to Civil Registration Office . For Addresses of the civil registration offices in Berlin, please go to the following link.
Standesamt Addresses and information


In this register you will find a listing of all the streets in Berlin and the civil registration jurisdictions for three different years including 1876, 1892, and 1919 as recorded in the street Indexes (Straßen Verzeichnisse) of the Berlin City directories.
In some cases there are no changes in jurisdictions noted over the course of the forty-three year time span. In other cases, the jurisdiction may have changed slightly. In such cases, where you want information of a specific year not given In this register, you can refer either to the street indexes in the microfilmed directory for the exact year you are searching, or you could write for information at either of the civil registration offices given for your street address.

All listings are street names (Straße) unless otherwise noted as an alley or lane (Allee), (Gasse), place, square (Platz), or other similar designations.

This register can be of assistance only when you know the street address of your Berlin ancestor. You can often determine this by using the Berlin city directories for the appropriate time period. Berlin City directories are available on 315 rolls of microfilm at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah and through its Family History Centers.
You can find a more detailed description of the microfilmed City directories of Berlin in the Family History Library Catalog under:

Click here to find films for Berlin city directory films available at the Family History Library

You may also find them online as well at the following link
The Berlin directories are divided in sections. Of greatest genealogical value are the alphabetized listings of city inhabitants with addresses. Search for your ancestor under the alphabetical listing of names in the time period your ancestor lived In Berlin. When you find your ancestor listed, write down the street and house number where he resided. Then turn to the listing of that street in the Street Register to determine which civil registration office that address was assigned to in the year closest to the time period when your ancestor lived there.

Other sections of the directories are businesses, public offices, societies, inhabitants' addresses listed under the street they resided, rather than by their name.

The suburbs of Berlin were in many, but not all of the directories. Some of the suburbs of Berlin which may be listed in the directories include:

Baumschulenweg (Treptow), Boxhagen-Rummelsburg, Britz, Charlottenburg, Dahlem, Friedenau, Friedrlchsberg, Frledrichsfelde, Grunewald, Halensee, Helnersdorf, Hohen Schönhausen, Karlshorst, Lankwitz, Lichtenberg, Groß Lichterfelde, Mariendorf, Neukölin, Nieder-Schönhausen and Schönholz, Nikolassee, Ober-Schönweide, Pankow, Plötzensee, Reinickendorf, Rixdorf, Schlachtensee, Schmargendorf, Sch:neberg, Schönholz, Steglitz, Stralau, Südende, Tegel, Tempelhof, Weißensee, Neu-Weißensee, Westend, Wilhelmsberg, Wilmersdorf, and Zehlendorf.

The directories on microfilm begin in the year 1799 and continue through the year 1963, with some years not inclusive. Online they are dated from 1799-1943. Some of the directory films include a street index (Straßen Verzeichnis)  for each street. These street indexes note the jurisdictions for the civil registration offices, the city district numbers, poverty assistance offices, orphanages, school districts, court districts, parishes, police districts, and postal districts. The directories for some years also include the voting districts.

Terms used for these jurisdictions in the headings vary from directory to directory. These street indexes are the source of the information for the Street Register . Street Indexes were included in the City directories from 1874-1919.

The format of the street indexes varies from year to year. For example, some directories list civil jurisdictions by house numbers; others list the jurisdictions by a street to street description such as "From Mühlen street to Spree". In such instances, there is no way to cross reference the descriptive and house number entries, therefore, the descriptions are listed in this register as they were listed in the original street indexes.

When only descriptions of residences are given rather than house numbers, and there is more than one civil registration office listed, it may be necessary to search the records of each civil registration district listed for the street your ancestor lived on. For other years, house numbers may be given for the same street. House numbers arc listed separately from the "descriptions" and are given in the column for the appropriate year. These other entries may help you more easily determine the civil registration jurisdictions for those years where the description was not by house number.

Some streets were named only with a number, such as Street 19 (Straße 19). There appears to have been some inconsistency in the way these streets were listed from year to year. In some cases there seems to be duplicate usage of certain numbers and the actual jurisdictions are not always clear. Other streets are listed in the earlier street indexes but are not listed in the later ones. lt is not certain if these omissions were accidental or if the street names were changed or discontinued. lt is also possible that there were no residences on those streets in all years covered by directories. For this reason, civil jurisdictions may not be listed for all streets in Berlin for all years in this register.

For residents on streets near the train stations (Eisenbahn) look under the heading of Eisenbahn for the specific train station needed.

Spelling and Alphabetization

The inconsistent spelling of street names from one directory to the next is a problem. In the cases where alternate spellings were used, such as the street name of "Colonie" which was also listed as "Kolonie", they are listed twice in the Street Register for easier reference. Other variations in street names are handled the same way as in the case of "Ostbahnhof" which is also listed as "Am Ostbahnhof".
In the original street indexes the street called "Unter den Linden" is listed as, "Linden, Unter den". This register lists this Street alphabetically as "Unter den Linden". This method has been applied consistently also for "Am, An der, Alte, Neue, Hinter dem, Klein, Groß," and similar prefixes on street names. Words with an Umlaut () are alphabetized as though there were no Umlaut. The German letter "ß" is alphabetized as "ss".


The Family History Library currently does not have microfilmed copies of civil registration records for Berlin. In order to obtain these records lt will be necessary to correspond directly with the current civil registration office (Standesamt, also now called Bezirksamt). lt may be helpful to use the German Letter Writing Guide in preparing your letter to the civil registration office. This is available through the Family History Library in Salt Lake City:
Family History Library
35 North Nest Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
The numbers given in this register refer to the old civil registration offices. The list below gives the old offices as listed in this register and provides the name of the new civil registration office that currently has jurisdiction. Following is also a list of the addresses of the current civil registration offices. Use the current addresses when you write to Berlin for civil registration information.


Berlin 1 now Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
Berlin 2 now Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
Berlin 3 now Standesamt Tiergarten von Berlin
Berlin 4, 4A, 4B now Standesamt Kreuzberg von Berlin
Berlin 5, 5A, SB now Standesamt Kreuzberg von Berlin
Berlin 6 now Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
Berlin 7, 7A, 7B, 7C now Standesamt Friedrichshaln von
Berlin 8 now Standesamt Friedrichshain von
Berlin 9 now Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
Berlin 10, lOA now  Standesamt Mitte von Berlin
Berlin lOB, lOC now Standesamt Prenzlauer Berg von
Berlin 11 now Standesamt Wedding von Berlin
Berlin 12, 12A, 12B now Standesamt Tiergarten von Berlin
Berlin 13, 13A, 13B now Standesamt Wedding von Berlin

AREAS OF GREATER BERLIN (Which until 1991 were part of West Berlin)

Britz  now Neukölln von Berlin
Buckow (1, II) now Neukölln von Berlin
Charlottenburg (1 through IV) now Charlottenburg von Berlin
Dahlem now Zehlendorf von Berlin
Deutsch-Wilmersdorf now Wilmersdorf von Berlin
Friedenau now Schöneberg von Berlin
Frohnau now Reinickendorf von Berlin
Groß-Lichterfelde now Steglitz von Berlin
Grunewald (Forst) now Wilmersdorf von Berlin
Hasenheide now Neukölln von Berlin
Haselhorst now  Spandau von Berlin
Heerstraße now Charlottenburg von Berlin
Heiligensee now Reinickendorf von Berlin
Hermsdorf now Reinickendorf von Berlin
Kladow now Spandau von Berlin
Krankenhaus Neukölln now Neukölln von Berlin
Kreuzberg now Kreuzberg von Berlin
Lankwitz now Steglitz von Berlin
Lichtenrade now Tempelhof von Berlin
Lichterfelde now Steglitz von Berlin
Lübars now Reinickendorf von Berlin
Manendorf now Tempelhof von Berlin
Manenfelde now Tempelhof von Berlin
Neukölln (1 through III) now Neukölln von Berlin
Nikolassee now Zehlendorf von Berlin
Pfaueninsel now Zehlendorf von Berlin
Pichelsdorf now Spandau von Berlin
Plötzensee now Charlottenburg von Berlin
Reinickendorf (East - West) now Reinickendorf von Berlin
Rixdorf now Neukölln von Berlin

AREAS OF GREATER BERLIN (Which until 1991 were part of East Ber1in):

Adlershof  now Berlin-Treptow
Alt-Glienicke now  Berlin-Treptow
Bliesdorf now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Blankenburg now Berlin-Pankow
Bohnsdorf now Berlin-Treptow
Boxhagen-Rummelsburg now Berlin-Lichtenbnsee
Französisch-Buchholz now Berlin-Pankow
Friedrichsfelde now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Friedrichshagen now Berlin-Köpenick
Friedrichshain now Berlin-Friedrichshain
Grünau now Berlin-Köpenick
Heinersdorf now Berlin-Pankow
Hellersdorf now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Hohenschönhausen now Berlin-Weißensee
Horst Wessel now Berlin-Friedrichshain
Johannisthal now Berlin-Treptow
Karlshorst now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Karow now Berlin-Pankow
Kaulsdorf now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Kietz bei Köpenick now Berlin-Treptow
Köpenick now Berlin-Köpenick
Köpenicker Forst now Berlin-Treptow and
Lichtenberg (1, II) now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Mahlsdorf now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Malchow now Berlin-Weißensee
Mitte now Berlin-Mitte
Müggelheim now Berlin-Köpenick
Niederschöneweide now Berlin-Treptow
Niederschönhausen now Berlin-Pankow
Oberschöneweide now Berlin-Treptow
Pankow now Berlin-Pankow
Prenzlauer Berg now Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
Rahnsdorf now Berlin-Köpenick
Rosenthal now Berlin-Pankow
Rummelsburg now Berlin-Lichtenberg
Schinöckwitz now Berlin-Köpenick
Schöneweide now Berlin-Treptow
Stralau now Berlin-Friedrichshain and
Treptow now Berlin-Treptow
Weißensee now Berlin-Weißensee
Wilhelmsruh now Berlin-Pankow
Wuhlgarten now Berlin-Lichtenberg