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Some useful gazetteers for Brandenburg are:

Uetrecht, E., Meyers Orts und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs (Meyer’s gazetteer and directory of the German Empire). Leipzig: Bibliographisches Institut, 1912–. (FHL book 943.E5mo; film 496640–41; fiche 6000001– 29.) This gazetteer lists places alphabetically, gives their former German province, and states whether a place has its own parish or synagogue. It also indicates the location of the vital records office.

Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preussen; (Gazetteer for the Kingdom of Prussia). 13 vols. Berlin: Verlag des Königlichen Statistischen Landesamts, 1907–09. (FHL book 943.E5kp; film 1186701, 0806633–35.) Volumes for each Prussian province are arranged by district with an index at the end. The gazetteer is in German Gothic print. Information is given in columns and includes population figures as well as civil and ecclesiastical jurisdictions.

Former Prussian Provinces or parts of provinces that are now in Poland include Schlesien, Brandenburg, Ost and Westpreussen, Pommern and Posen.

The volume numbers for these areas are as follows:

Schlesien v. 6 film ;806,635 item 3

Ostpreussen v. 1 Film 1,186701 item 3

Westpreussen v .2 film 1186701 item 4

Pommern v. 4 Film 806,634 item 4

Posen v. 5 Film 806,635 item 3

Brandenburg v.3 Film 806,635 item 1

The Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preussen is now also available online at  You can find it by clicking on the Search Tab and choosing the Card Catalog option.  Type in the title/or part of the title, and it will appear on the right sidebar.  Choose the volume for the area of interest.

Here is a diagram showing the column headings in German and their English translations:

Gaz Headings2.jpg

Gaz headings.jpg



To locate Lutheran and Catholic parishes as well as civil registration offices in Brandenburg, please use the Gemeindelexikon Brandenburg. FHL call number 943 E5kp or FHL film number 806634 Item 5.
Here is a diagram showing the column headings in German and their English translations: Gaz Headings2.jpg Gaz headings.jpgy Brandenburg Place Name Indexes

Roger Minert book on Place Names

Here is a book online which describes the territories of Brandenburg and the history of each county

The title is "Die Territorien der Mark Brandenburg oder Geschichte der einzelnen Kreise" by Ernst Fidicin