Hohenzollern Emigration and Immigration

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Immigrants to the United States from the Prussian province Hohenzollern often gave their last place of residence as Prussia. This can be confusing because the mental picture of the state of Prussia tends to cover the northern parts of Germany. Hohenzollern was circumferenced by Württemberg which was a kingdom not belonging to Prussia. People who emigrated to the United States before 1850 gave as their place of origin Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen or -Hechingen. These  two tiny principalities joined with Prussia in 1850, had one Regierungsbezirk and became known as Hohenzollern.

Ancestors from the above mentioned places may have just mentioned Sigmaringen which can lead to false conclusions if they did not come from the town Sigmaringen, but from the surrounding area. This is especially true of emigrants who left before 1850. Administratively speaking, the people belonged to an Oberamt and some Oberämter viewed each other as foreign territoríes and demanded tax for move-ins and -out which transactions were recorded (example: Wehrstein and Haigerloch). These records can be found in the Staatsarchiv Sigmaringen. http://www.landesarchiv-bw.de/sixcms/detail.php?template=hp_artikel&id=8663&id2=8444&sprache=de

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