East Prussia Court Records

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Extracts from court records of Amt Mehlsack 1712-1730

All land purchases, sales, exchanges and settlements were recorded by the official administrator (Amt). In the early days such business dealings were recorded in an Amtsbuch, in the case of Amt Mehlsack the so called Ingrossationsbuch. Later matters dealing with properties became part of an Amtsgericht (court).

The author, Erich Hippler extracted land purchases and other dealings from the Ingrossationsbuch Mehlsack, which can be perused and from which genealogical data can be gleaned. The extractions can be found in Altpreussische Geschlechterkunde. Neue Folge. Band 6, 1969/71 p. 95, 215 and 407. The periodical is availalbe at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT, call number 943.8 B2vf new series.