East Prussia Gazetteers

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Follow the links below for a Gazetteer of East and West Prussia. 

Column 1. Town or village

Column  2. East (O) or West (W) Prussia

Column 3. Lutheran Parish

Column 4. Catholic Parish

Column 5.  Civil Registration office

The files below are the alphabetically arranged towns and villages found in the gazetteer.


>Towns A-B
Towns C-E
Towns F-G
Towns H-J
Towns K
Towns L-M
Towns N-O
Towns P-R
Towns S-T
Towns U-Z

The Gemeindelexikon für das Königreich Preussen is now also available online at Ancestry.com.  You can find it by clicking on the Search Tab and choosing the Card Catalog option.  Type in the title/or part of the title, and it will appear on the right sidebar.  Choose the volume for the area of interest.

You can also locate Lutheran and Catholic parishes as well as civil registration offices in Ostpreussen by  using the Gemeindelexikon Ostpreussen on film FHL call number 943 E5kp or FHL film number 1187921 Item 2.

Here is a diagram showing the column headings in the  German and their English translations:

Gaz Headings2.jpg Gaz headings.jpg