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Here is a link explaining church records in Kolberg/Pommern


The Reformed Church in Stolp

     The Reformed parish of Stolp was small as far as members were concerned, however, embraced a much wider circle of villages. Included were the city and surroundings of Stolp, Bütow, Rummelsburg and Schlawe (affiliate Rügenwalde) as well as a good part of West Prussia (affiliate Tuchel and Marienfelde). 17 ½ pages full of very detailed information give the researcher a good picture of what happened in this parish. He will not only find dates of birth, confirmations, marriages and deaths but also personal information, such as a member leaving to join a military unit far away from home.

     The author, Walter Eylert, has extracted the information from 1672 to 1715 and published it in Archiv für Sippenforschung, Jahrgang 11, Heft 10 (1934), beginning with page 336. The periodical is found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah on the International Floor. The call number is 943 B2as.

Germans from Pommern and Mecklenburg in the German Parish of Stockholm ( 17th century)

     The author, M. Bruhn, by looking through an address book of Stockholm noticed that a lot of family names had German origins. Further research into the church books of the German St. Gertrud parish in Stockholm made him realize that during the latter half of the 17th century Germans from the Baltic Sea regions migrated to Sweden because of political or economic reasons. He discovered that of 187 persons listed in the marriage records of the above mentioned church 46% came from Pommern, 28% from Mecklenburg and the rest from other areas. The emigrants came from Rostock, Stralsund, Stettin, Greifswald, Kolberg, Treptow/Toll., Demmin and Stargard. By profession these people were craftsmen, especially tailors, shoemakers and carpenters. Others were merchants, skippers and sailors, brewers, innkeepers and cooks.
     The list was published in Archiv fúr Sippenforschung, Jahrgang 34, Heft 30 (1968), page 439. The periodical can be accessed through FamilySearch, Family History Library Catalog, call number 943 B2as.