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Here is a link to listings of parishes and administrations in East and West Prussia with references to films, duplicates, digitizations and copies. This website is constantly updated and will give the researcher a good overview of what materials are available for places in East and West Prussia.

Marriages in Libau 1767-1832

Libau which is a harbor and was part of the Kurland which became part of Latvia, housed many citizens originating from East and West Prussia. As a matter of fact, out of 13 volumes of church books 11 were coming from the German parish Annenkirche and then Dreifaltigkeitskirche. Entries started in 1652 and end in 1833. Very important information is the place of origin in marriage and burial entries. Around 1800 the city had quite an influx of foreigners who married.

The author D.C. Wilde v. Wildemann in his article Altpreussische Eheschliessungen in Libau 1767-1832 lists those immigrants coming mainly from East and West Prussia. Of 634 marriages between non-residents of Libau, 334 persons came from Altpreussen (East and West Prussia), especially from the cities Memel and Tilsit, also from Königsberg, fewer from Danzig, Elbing, Pillau, Gumbinnen, Insterburg and Ragnit. Only very few of the couples settle in Libau, many move on further North into Baltic countries. Men who were seamen disappear totally.

The list of marriages can be found in Altpreussische Geschlechterkunde 3. Jahrgang 1929, pages 37, 67 and 102. The periodical is housed in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. The call number is 943.8 B2vf. Additional names are found in the 4. Jahrgang 1930, page 75.

Marriages 1810-1855 in the Evangelical church records of Kulm and the church records of Tragheimerweide

The above records were listed in the Mennonite registers of the Evangelical church in Kulm and are available on film housed in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City UT. The records were extracted by the author Adalbert Goertz. His lists are available in Altpreussiche Geschlechterkunde, Band 6, Jahrgang 1969/71, also available at the Family History Library, call number 943.8 B2vf new ser. v. 6.

Another article by the same author deals with marriages 1792-1821 of Mennonites in Tragheimerweide/Stuhm. The extraction of names can be found in the same volume 6 of the before mentioned periodical on pages 187, 227 and 370.

The oldest marriage records of Wonneberg/Danzig 1648-1795

The author W. Mueller-Dultz has extracted marriage records recorded in Wonneberg by Danzig. His extraction starts with 9. Jahrgang, Heft 1, 1961 in Altpreussische Familienkunde Neue Folge. His extractions appear over several years, always indicating to be continued (wird fortgesetzt) at the end of each segment.
Wonneberg had a church and kept very good records from 1648 on.
The periodical is available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT. The call number is 943.8 B2vf new series.

Marriage records from the Evangelical parish of Zempelburg 1794-1832

An Evangelical congregation existed before 1794, but records for this period of time have not endured because of destruction and barring of records. Only in the year 1773 did the Evangelical church receive permission to build a church. From 1739-1773 the congregation took in Zempelburg, Vandsburg and Pemperin as well as all neighboring villages. The baptisms, marriages and death records from this time frame may be in their registers as well as in the Catholic church registers of Zempelburg and Vandsburg, Runowo, Sypniewo and Zabartowo. After 1821 the following villages belonged to the parish of Zempelburg: Groß Lutau, Plötzig, Wilkowo, Groß and Klein Wisniewke, Nichors, Grünlinde, Schönhorst, Obendorf, Zempelkowo, Salesch, Lein Lutau, Waldowke, Zahn, Groß and Klein Loßburg, Dzidno, Waldau, Komierowo, Skarpi, Sechau, Petznick, Torballamühle and the mill at Soßnow. The villages Klonia and Pantau were aligned with Tuchel and Kamnitz.

The entries of the marriage register from 1794-1832 of Zempelburg are divided into several sections and can be found in the Altpreussische Geschlechterkunde. Neue Folge starting with volume 6 on page 259. The author is Walter Teßmer.