Prussian Poland Land and Property

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 In Polish archives, some German land records are available for use.  These land records may include plat maps that show the layout of the land owned by different people.  These land maps show the forest borders, which were very important to the people.  Forest rights were strictly enforced and usually belonged to the local nobility.  The names of the owners were shown on the plat maps.  Sometimes numbers are shown which represent the property number.

There are also available renter's contracts for landless farmers and the property that the rent to grow their crops.  These agreements show the type of property, wooded, pasture, field and so forth and the size of that property, as well as fees that are paid.

There are also documents about property inheritances which can sometimes help your family history research if the property is passed from generation to generation.  The land parcels are explained in these records with great detail as to hector size and measurement.  Property owner's spouses are often named, as well.

Sometimes some documents are created when there are property disputes over rights of ownership and similar types of disputes as well as property sales to another party.

These types of records are usually more difficult to understand and read than church records or civil registration, but can be very helpful when there is loss of church or civil records.