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The Pulaski county, Kentucky County Court has generated a variety of records. Record types that exist include: Survey Entries, Deeds, Wills, Order Books, Commissioners Deeds, Probate records, Inventory/Appraisement/Settlement Books, Guardian Bonds, Mortgage books, and Mineral lease books. Some are still at the courthouse---others are at the Kentucky State Archives. In many cases these records have been microfilmed and are available through your local Family History Center.

County Court Orders

There is a General Index to the County Court Orders, 1799-1940 (FHL US/CAN Film 804,645). This is a rather unique typed index that has several sections to it. The first section is an alphabetically arranged subject index. Then their are several alphabetically arranged sections of plaintiffs vs defendants, but even then subject indexing is intermingled. The subject indexing is quite interesting to read through as it contains subjects such as Bastardy, Purchase of Record Books, Pulaski county in an Act of the General Assembly, Stray Pen and Stocks, Jail, Small pox, etc.

There are several types or categories of Kentucky grants but when some grants were issued for land in Pulaski county, the grants contained a grant number and a certificate number. The certificate number is a reference to the numerically ordered "No."s in the County Court Order books. 

A published resource for early County Court minutes is O'Leary M Meece's Condensed Minutes of the Pulaski County Court. Time periods covered are 1799-1803, 1806-1808, Jan 23, 1809 to Feb 27, 1815. Available at the Pulaski County Public Library.

County Court Order Books 1-2, 1799-1855 (FHL US/CAN Film 804,646 items 1 and 2. In this filming the spine of vol 1 reads: "Orders No. 1 1779-1803"; however the volume starts with 1799. The spine of vol 2 reads: "County Court Orders No 2 1804-1815 Pulaski County".) Vol 1 contain no volume index at the front nor back. Volume 1 contains land certificate number No. 1 to No. 613. 

County Court Order Books 3-5, 1815-1835 (FHL US/CAN Film 804,647. In this filming the spine of vol 3 reads "Orders No. 3 1815-1822 Pulaski County". Page 1 reads "March Court 1815 At a County Court held for Pulaski County")


Prior to 1818 Road Orders were kept in the County Order Books.

  • [1866-1934] Pulaski County. County Clerk. Road Orders. See Kentucky State Archive.
  • [ca 1900-1904] Pulaski County. County Clerk. County Road Commissioners' Record Book. See Kentucky State Archives.


Minutes From Inferior Court, No. 1, June 1853-Dec 1885 This volume has no index at the front or back of the book. These minutes are mostly about debt (less than $50 appears to be the protocol[1], although there were exceptions) and are often found ending with the plaintiff being unable to recover because the defendant has no property found by the constable to make the residue of the debt. These minutes often include copies of the judgement, execution and return of the debt action. See FHL US/CAN Film 969,926 for a 1975 filming by the Genealogical Society of Utah.The researcher should not be satisfied with just the copies of judgments found in the Minutes, but should also consult Judgements from Inferior Courts, 1854-1966 housed at the Kentucky State Archives.


Court Records (microfilmed originals or published transcripts) are listed in the FamilySearch Library Catalog for Pulaski County, Kentucky County Court Records. For other libraries (local and national) or to gain access to items of interest, see  Some of the microfilms may be available at the state archives or at state and county historical societies. Most are referenced among the wiki pages discussing Pulaski county, Kentucky, but some new and/or additional ones may be found there.


  1. Pulaski county Circuit Court, Kentucky, Inferior Court Minutes, Vol 1, June 1853-Dec 1885, pages 23 and 193.