Pulaski County, Kentucky War of 1812 Records

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Pulaski County, Kentucky genealogical War of 1812 research page. Guide to Pulaski County soldiers, pensioners (1883), and military history.

For a brief overview of the War of 1812 see the FamilySearch Wiki page War of 1812

A reference to a War of 1812 soldier was found in Deed Book 2. A father was appointing a son as an agent to receive any money that another son (deceased) was entitled. The deceased soldier was part of Col Richard M Johnsons Regiment of mounted volunteer belonging to Capt James Davidson's company.[1] There may be other fathers who did likewise. Suggest searching by surname rather than given name of a soldier.


  • County Clerk, Pulaski county, Kentucky, Deed Book 2, p 320-1. Kentucky State Archive microfilm box no. 7004801.