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The following are online links of persons who were born, lived, or died in Rayado, Colfax County, New Mexico. You are more than wellcome to add your link. They are listed alphabetically below, including online search databases. The online link is highlighted in blue. Click on the highlight to get on the link.


  •  Abreu, Beaubien, Maxwell, family tree.
  •  Jesus Gil Abreu, biography.
  •  Captain Grier and Lieutenant Adams, K Company, 2nd Dragoons, Mormon campaign.
  •  Aurora "Dora" Carolina Aguilar Baca Chavez, daughter of Santiago "Jim" Felipe Aguilar and Maria  Refugio Valdez, 1992 Deseret News obituary.
  •  Beaubien, Maxwell, Abreu, family tree.
  •  Gertrude Brown married Ramon Abreu, family tree.


  •  Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson married (3rd) Maria Josefa Jaramillo, family tree and biography.
  •  Carlos M Casaus, family tree.
  •  Bertha E Cleland, daughter of Giuseppe and Maria Romiti, 2009 Albuquerque Journal obituary.
  •  A Blanche Clouthier married Phyllis Cunningham, family tree.
  •  Cooper, compensation petition for officers stationed in Rayado.


  •  R.S. Ewell, Confederate General, history.
  •  Captain W.N. Grier and Lieutenant Adams, K Company, 2nd Dragoons, Mormon campaign; Rayado skirmish, Company I, 1st Dragoons 
  •  Maria Rufina Guruke, family tree and history, www.gurule.org 
  •   Jusepe Gutierrez, plains explorer, biography. 


  •  Sgt. William Holbrook, Company I, 2nd Dragoons, Rayado skirmish.
  •  Jones and Talbot, discharged, Dragoon history.


  •  Maurice LeDuc, history.
  •  Juan Jose Lobato, family tree and information.
  •  Betty V Lopez, daughter of Pedro Lopez and Maria Endelsia Vargas, 2000 Albuquerque Journal obituary.


  •  Maria Manuela Mares married Frederico Wolfred (Wolford), family tree.
  •  Maxwell, Beaubien, Abreu, family tree. 
  •  Emilia Maxwell, family tree and descendants.
  •  Maria Sophia Maxwell, family tree and descendants.
  •  Juan N Mestas, married Feliciana Arellano,  family tree and history;information.


  •  Augustus O'Hook, Cieneguilla Battle 1854 Muster Roll; First Dragoons.  
  •  Maria Inez Pacheco, daughter of Cosme Pacheco and Tomasita Trujillo, family tree.


  •  Santos family, carvers, photo.
  •  Liben Serna, Rayado bear hunter, Serna family website.
  •  Ruben and Silviano Serna, sons of Eliseo Serna and Adela Gonzales, family tree.


  •  Jones and Talbot, discharged, Dragoon history. 
  •  Santiago Valdez, marriage, biography and photo.
  •  Frederico Wolfred  (Wolford) married Maria Manuela Mares, family tree, biography.