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 Research Tools

Diozese of Styria

The Archive from the diozese of Styria, exact called Diozese Graz-Seckau, has all Register (burth, marriage and burial) from each parish in his region digitized.

You can access the Register online since 20th of December 2013:

If you want visit the Archive personally you have to arrange an appointment (2 till 3 weeks waiting time) to get one of 6 work stations reserved. If you are not able to read all of the old "Kurrent" writing, the employee will give you reading Support.

From Special interest is also, that you will find there also digitized the books from the Diozese Marburg (Maribor) in Slovenia. The Register from the Diozese Maribor are still not online available.

An overview about the File inventory you find here. The register catalog you can download from here.

Town archive Graz

The town archive takes over, maps and lists the documents that are no longer needed for current business transactions resulting in the municipal offices and from legal, historical, cultural or other reasons must be kept. The construction file building plans of Graz (1825-1993) and the former municipalities of environment (1890-1993) with the plans of almost all Graz houses are kept in the construction file archive.

The town archives preserve the written records of the town magistrates from 1820 to 1849 and the town of Graz from 1850 to today. The town archiv answers questions about the various areas of the Graz cultural, economic, social, and time history. The city archives supports the person and family research through search and presentation of personal documents and distributes the historical year book of the city of Graz.

The town Archive also stores documents from the population Register about 1900.

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