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==== Church  ====
==== Church  ====
The early population of New Mexico was generally both Spanish-speaking and Catholic.  As such, the sacramental records of the towns and villages present an important avenue of research and may provide the names of several generations within one document.  Cath olic sacramental records (baptisms, marriages, and burials) are rich in vital record information and may prove a valuable alternative in cases where vital records are not available. 
The New Mexico Genealogical Society has published an online article titled: Locating Catholic Church Records in New Mexico, Rio Arriba County.  This index of church records includes the Parish, the location of the Church, the Missions included and Microfilm dates and reference numbers in chart format.  Some of the films are available in the Family History Library, and those that aren’t at the library have AASF  reel  numbers found in the Santa Fe archives. 
==== Court  ====
==== Court  ====

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Parent County

1852--Rio Arriba County was created 9 January 1852 as an original county.  County seat: Tierra Amarilla [1]

Rio Arriba County, New Mexico was created in 1850 as an original county in the Northern district of the Territory of New Mexico which had become a part of the United States when the Mexican War ended in 1848 with the signing of the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty. Rio Arriba County shares it’s northern border with the Southern border of Colorado. West of Rio Arriba County is San Juan County which connects with the states of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado creating the “Four Corners” area. The Rio Arriba county seat is Tierra Amarilla. The headwaters of Rio Chama River is a few miles south west of Tierra Amarilla and flows into the Rio Grande River near Santa Fe, the county seat of Santa Fe County.

Rio Arriba has two county seats: P.O. Box 158, Tierra Amarilla 87575 and P.O. Box 1256, Espanola 87532-1256 [2]
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